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Knee Injuries

Knee pain seems to plague humanity as age progresses through peoples lives, poor understanding of the physics of this joint leads to much neglect of this weight bearing hinge. Uneven wearing of cartilages and increased upper leg muscle tension will eventually follow with arthritic boney changes. Surgery will then probably be the only remaining solution.

Athletes increase their risk of knee arthritis by not properly repairing their knee injuries.

Athletes who rely on strapping to decrease pain and increase strength are encouraged to use this support for a short duration. Failure to have recurring knee strains and sprains diagnosed can increase your chances of much more serious injuries. These include torn cruciate ligaments, dislocated knee caps and meniscus (cartilage tears).

Careful functional orthopedic tests in conjunction with diagnostic imaging including x-ray, ultrasound and MRI scans can identify accurately where the pain and instability is coming from. Tweed Sports Chiropractic can offer sensible and effective solutions.

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