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Ankle Injuries

Any sport which requires balance subjects our ankle joints to great forces. Common injuries include ligament sprains and tears, muscle strains and bone fractures.

It is of paramount importance that any athlete is rehabilitated through accurate orthopedic assessment and diagnosis. All three of these ankle conditions left untreated will alter the athletes bio mechanics and can lead to recurrent injury, lack of full power.

Tweed Central Chiropractic knowledge and practice can help with faster and much longer lasting recoveries.

Ankles are the corner stone of balance. These joints are constantly relaying messages to the brain each step we take. Repetitive strains to the lower limb muscles and recurring sprains to the ligaments weaken these hinges dramatically.

Lack of mechanical maintenance to the ankle joint can eventually lead to torn muscles, arthritis and poor balance. Early diagnosis and management can eliminate painful movement and strengthen this vital mechanical anatomy.

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