Sports Chiropractic

Muscle Strains

You must remember that as an athlete you place different amounts of stress through your elastic muscle tissue.

The sports we play will affect muscles through repetitive strain.

Rest assured every athlete will be straining their muscles every time they play or perform their sport. Stretching and properly warming up and cooling down can help to minimise this but you can not go through your sporting career without a good body mechanic.

Usually the whole reason why people leave the sporting arena is because of injury. Stretching, warm ups or cool downs simply are not enough input to prevent body breakdowns.

Once enough repetitive strains have occurred these pre and post sporting activities will not aid the bodies muscle function at all. In fact they will simply aggravate the target area. Why? Because straining induces scar tissue and this results in increasing muscle tension. Stretching, warming up and cooling down will not alter this physiologically which is why left undiagnosed by a professional will get worse. That is increasing pain and stiffness and longer periods of time trying to recover will be the result.

So with chiropractic athletic management you can scarring to a minimum and hopefully never have time away from your sporting discipline.

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