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You can never be too old to receive chiropractic care. The old human body is doing the same mechanical things it did when it was young. The main differences are that it has done a lot more miles and it has been subjected to a lot more loads and forces. Forces like gravity, lifting things too heavy or carrying loads for too much time really damages the bodies muscles, ligaments and bone alignment.

Symptoms of these effects can be felt as pain and stiffness when moving. Also increases in the frequency and intensity of these symptoms add to the debilitating effects of these problems.

Every mechanical pain or restriction of body movement has a specific cause. Thus every causal effect can be diagnosed with accuracy.

At Tweed Central Chiropractic we have the skills and knowledge to help you find the answers to your painful movements. Don't just merely put up with pain because you think there is no answer or that you think pain is normal.

We offer hope that you will probably live a much more painless existence and function better mechanically. You deserve to feel your absolute best.

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