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Back and Neck Pain

In 2014 statistics revealed that Australians spend 600 million dollars a year on targeted pain relief. Where were the target you may ask? The back and neck. Why are these areas the most affected by pain?

Basically the design of our spines means that they are extremely prone to wear and tear due to excessive loads and poor understanding of the the limitations of our bodies.

I could go on in detail about the structure of bones and their connections (joints). However I will just say that chiropractors are experts in understanding back and neck pain.

At Tweed Central Chiropractic you can rely on accurate assessments of the causes of back and neck pains. We don't just manage the symptoms of pain and stiffness, we get to the cause!

If you have have recently become aware of pain in these regions or have been dealing with recurrent bouts of back or neck pain make an appointment for a chiropractic opinion.

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