Select the Right Pillow for a Good Nights Sleep
18 FEBRUARY 2014 1
Select the Right Pillow for a Good Nights Sleep

Sleeping is often a difficult adventure for individuals with neck pain. Finding just the right pillow can be difficult. Here's the guidelines.

The ideal pillow will cradle and support your neck without distorting its normal alignment.

If your pillow is not supporting you properly, you might wind up with recurrent stiff necks, headaches or even referred pain to the shoulder, arm or hand.

It is important to avoid using little or no pillow, which places the unsupported neck under stain all night long. It is equally unwise to use too many pillows or too firm a pillow, which pushes the neck up and pinches the joints together.

Whether you lie on your back or your side, your pillow must be soft enough to mold to your head and yet still fill in the space between your bed and your neck.

Remember that your head is bigger than your neck, so accommodating both without distorting the position of your neck is the key.

  • John   12 February 2014 - 8 years ago

    I found this very useful, thank you. I think I need to go buy a new pillow!

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