Add years to your life and life to your years
20 SEPTEMBER 2014 0
Add years to your life and life to your years

I believe a great focus in life is not just to add years to your life, but rather do things to add life to your years! I believe it should be your focus as well.

As my patient and believer in chiropractic, you must know that non-synthetic treatments, natural remedies and therapies should not be overlooked as part of your health regime.

Studies show that people who have a healthy lifestyle tend to live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. According to Reader's Digest, people who have close personal relationships, diverse interests and are in control of their lives live longer. Common sense. Right?

What can you do now to ensure that you're traveling down the right path?

  • Build and nurture ties with family and friends.
  • Become more active. Get more exercise.
  • Work now to preserve your independence in your later years.
  • Reduce stress. Reduce stress. Reduce stress.

I know what your thinking. What does this have to do with chiropractic? A chiropractor in treating a patient looks at the whole person, not just the individual symptoms of a problem.

For example, chiropractic care is very effective at treating the physical manifestations of stress - in the form of misaligned vertebra. Many authors suggest that manifestation of this stress on the body causes a reduction in life span. To me that's a bit unnerving given the pressurised society in which we live today!

Remember your body reacts to stress in many different ways. If you are not physically well, you should call your family doctor no matter how minor the concern. But you shouldn't stop there. There may be a natural remedy that your chiropractor can offer.

Now, there's no guarantee that the treatment from a chiropractor will add years to your life, but it could add life to your years. A simple spinal adjustment could give you a whole new outlook and be the best stress reliever you need.

I have many patients who come in once a month or every other week for no other reason than to make sure that everything is aligned properly. One patient that I treat learned the hard way that for him regular chiropractic adjustments are the best preventative medicine going. If he goes too long between treatments, invariably he ends up on my bench complaining that he threw his back out, his sciatica is killing him and his back is as stiff as a board. There is a lesson here and it is often one which almost everyone in today's busy lifestyle is putting on the back-burner. Managing stress by reducing symptoms of stress may both add years to your life AND life to your years.

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