Weights and the Strength You Gain from Lifting Them
17 NOVEMBER 2014 0
Weights and the Strength You Gain from Lifting Them

I have always lifted weights since I was about 15 years old. I lifted weights for the purpose of sport, to increase my power and to minimise injury to my body.

Weights and how to lift them are poorly understood. One must acknowledge the structure of muscle and its elastic limitations to actually gain long lasting muscle building effects.

One must understand the body to weight ratio if the lifter is to reduce the likelihood of muscle strain or tear during or after lifting weights. ie If you cannot hold correct form while lifting the weight (in any area of the body) then you will quickly strain or tear the muscle while lifting the weights and do injury to other body muscles that are over compensating.

I have been guilty of this especially when I was a younger man with less knowledge and experience.

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